Strut Z and U Fittings

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Metal Strut Fittings
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FS-5212 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-200 Channel
FS-5209 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-151 Channel
FS-5210 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-100 or FS-201 Channel
FS-5211 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-150 Channel
FS-5213 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-300 Channel
FS-5214 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-400 Channel
FS-5215 E/G
Z Fitting for FS-500 or FS-520 Channel
FS-5311-1 E/G
U Fitting for FS-500 Channel
FS-5311-2 E/G
U Fitting for FS-400 Channel
FS-5311-3 E/G
U Fitting for FS-300 Channel
FS-5311-4 E/G
U Fitting for FS-150 Channel
FS-5311-5 E/G
U Fitting for FS-100 or FS-201 Channel
FS-5311-6 E/G
U Fitting for FS-151 Channel
FS-5312 E/G
U Fitting for FS-200
FS-5307 E/G
Slottted U Fitting
FS-5308 E/G
Slottted U Fitting
FS-5310 E/G
Slottted U Fitting
FS-5317 E/G
6-Hole "U" Support

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