Strut Flat Fittings

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Metal Framing Systems
Metal Strut Fittings
Struts, Nuts & Fasteners
Fiberglass Grating
Expanded Metal
Wire Mesh
Stair Treads
Treaded Rod
Cable Tray


FS-5003 Series
Flat Square Washer
FS-5004 Series
Square Washer w/ Channel Guide
FS-5007 E/G
2-Hole Splice
FS-5008 E/G
3-Hole Splice
FS-5009 E/G
4-Hole Splice
FS-5010 E/G
5-Hole Splice
FS-5020 E/G
4-Hole Corner Plate - Flat "L"
FS-5021 E/G
3-Hole Corner Plate - Flat "L"
FS-5022 E/G
4-Hole Tee
FS-5025 E/G
4-Hole Splice
FS-5023 E/G
4-Hole Cross
FS-5019 E/G
3-Hole Corner Plate
FS-5024 E/G
4-Hole Corner Gusset
FS-5026 E/G
4-Hole Tee Gusset
FS-5011 E/G
2-Hole Swivel Plate
FS-5027 E/G
5-Hole Tee Gusset
FS-5012 E/G
3-Hole Swivel Plate

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