Standard Expanded Metal Grating Products

stardard metal grating

Standard Expanded Metal Grating Products offer high strenght in a variety of sizes and weights. The diamond strand angles allow maximum air circulation and distribute stress on the metal to supporting frames.

Standard Expanded Metal Grating Products is formed in an expanding press process. The metal is simultaneously cold-formed and slitted, which expands and presses the slits into diamond shaped openings of uniform size and regularity. Standard Expanded Metal Grating Products is a form of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press - the metal stretches which then leaves diamond-shaped voids surrounded by interlinked bars of the metal. The most common method of manufacture is a one motion simultaneous slit and stretching of the material. Standard Expanded Metal Grating Products can be made from carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a variety of copper. Expanded Metal has thousands of applications for enclosure, protection, support, decoration and filtration, plus many more industrial applications.

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