Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Products

decorative expanded metal products

Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Products are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and guage. Its decorative appeal is just one of many reasons why Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Products is used in many industrial applications. Light weight and strong, Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Products one of our most asked for products

Today's industrial designer must not only be concerned with just mechanical requirements in design but also the necessity of curb appeal for that product. Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Product is the best solution to these design problems.

Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Product, like standard expanded metal, won't unravel because it's a self-contained piece of metal, allowing it to retain its shape after years of continues use. Its properties are the same as standard expanded metal mesh: Strong, light weight, rigid, adaptable to finishing processes gives Decorative Expanded Metal Grating Products its unique properties and it allows the free passage of air, heat, light and sound. Decorative expanded metal also offers functional attractiveness that you won't find with other similar solutions.

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