Bar Grating Stair Tread Products

Powerengco.Com supplies the most comprehensive choice of Bar Grating Stair Tread Products. Bar Grating Stair Tread Products are known for industrial applications requiring strength. Bar Grating Stair Tread Products are used for trenches, stair treads, walkways, and mezzanine levels. Bar Grating Stair Tread Products comes in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel; with different styles and spacing available. Powerengco.Com can also supply Bar Grating Stair Tread Products in either steel bar grating or aluminum bar grating.

Bar Grating Stair Treads meets most load bearing or weight requirement and is the most durable tread for rugged industrial applications. Bar style treads are the number one top choice for safety, strength, and long-term cost savings.

Bar Grating Stair Tread Products consist of a bunch of bearing bars joined at various intervals to perpendicular cross bars to form a load-bearing tread. Bar Grating Stair Tread Products are generally welded and bearing bars are rectangular in shape. I- and T-bar shaped treads can be fabricated from grating panels that are locked by swaging, or press-locked, with a fast turn around. Typical treads have bearing bars that are spaced 1-3/16 inches (center to center) with perpendicular cross bars spaced 4 inches apart (center to center).

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